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Introductionto Dalian Art College

Logo of Dalian Art College

Dalian Art College is a full-time regular institution of higher learning for undergraduate education approved by the Ministry of Education, incorporated into the national enrollment plan, and engaging in higher education in art. The college was founded in January, 2000, and Dalian Art College of Northeastern University, as approved by the Ministry of Education, was established in December 2003. Dalian Art College of Northeastern University was re-established as an independent undergraduate college, Dalian Art College (institution code: 13599), in April 2009, as approved by the Ministry of Education. In April, 2011, Dalian Art Professional College, as an organized system, was incorporated into Dalian Art College as approved by the People’s Government of Liaoning Province.

Chinese Name:118bet金博宝

Founding Date:2000

Category:Undergraduate College

Chairman:Wang Xianjun

English Name:Dalian Art College
Location:Dalian, China

Competent Authorities:Educational Department of Liaoning Province

Incumbent President: Jiang Maofa

The area covered: more than 60 hectares (the gross planned floor area: 360,000 square meters)
The number of students at school: 12,000 plus (undergraduates and junior college students)

Major Schools (Departments):
Schools of Music, Media, Art and Design, Film and Television, Fine Arts, Fashion, Drama, Culture and Arts Management, Humanity and Social Sciences

School Motto:
Ethical Understanding – Professionalism – Pragmatism – Aesthetic Fulfillment